I first met Rhadi Ferguson in August, 2005 at a NAGA grappling tournament. We fought that day, he won, and have kept in touch ever since.

Rhadi has given me some great advice on fight preparation, business and how to balance everything that life throws at me.

I can honestly say that at age 40, and after 10 years of competing, winning over 70 championships and battling thru 227 matches, my life has never been more fulfilling. My fitness client base has consistently grown, my JiuJitsu dojo continues to succeed, and most importantly, my family life has never been better.

When my book released, many of the parents at my kids' school refer to me as the guy who fought the 2004 Olympian, Rhadi Ferguson.

I tell my clients all the time that they should watch some of Rhadi's videos on youtube, because so much of their fitness progress is due to Rhadi's principles and workout tips I use with them.

One client, a highly successful financial planner with Sloan, told me that doing Rhadi's circuit workout has completely changed his body and outlook. Everyone commends him on his new physique, and he only trains with me 2-3 times a week since March 2008. He was in shape when I met him and now we joke as he has a "Rambo" physique.

I have to give credit where credit is due. I think Rhadi Ferguson is the best at what he does and he deserves all the accolades and success he has earned.

Thank you Rhadi,

all my best,

~Anthony Argyros


On April 5, I learned another valuable lesson from you, an old opponent and a Master of many trades. I beat 3 opponents in the Masters Expert Cruiserweight division to win a belt, then lost in the regular expert heavyweight division to a huge guy by a throw and choke. Thought I got knocked out from the throw.

You once said........"We sometimes lose to points or submission....it happens, but we will never lose to conditioning." I learned from your principles to not gas out anymore.

I also keep a growing clientle of personal training clients. Since December 18, 2007......I went from my first client to over 30  in just over  4 months, with many more signups coming. I have them all watch youtube videos of you and tell them that I learned from you, and even fought you once without getting maimed !! I attained about 5 clients for life knowing I fought an Olympian and was willing to learn from the man who defeated me. They respected my humility.

Funny how life works, Master Ferguson. I wasn't sure if I even liked you after you beat me in August, 2005 at NAGA "Battle at the Beach 6" , but I met a future mentor that day without even realizing it. You've helped shape me in several ways and now I provide a much better living for my family and still find a way to stay competitive in grappling competitions with only about 2  grappling workouts a week, and doing my conditioning 6 days a week.

I can't thank you enough for your influence in my life and my ongoing career as a grappler as I head into the twighlight of my fighting days. I know my fighting days will come to an end, but not yet.

thank you so much,

~Anthony Argyros

NAGA Champion


Since beginning training with Rhadi in 2005, I have seen my power improve immensely, my mat work transcend my competitors, and gone from a 68sec to a 55 sec 300m within a year.  Operating as my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and mentor Rhadi has helped me win my first European competition, continue to play the -60kg weight division for nearly seven years while working on my Masters in Banking and Financial Services Management from Boston University.  I have bench pressed 205lbs for 12 reps, squatted 220lbs for 20 reps and dead lifted 285lbs, all while weighing only 142lbs.  I have had the opportunity to be in the company of some of the best athletes in their respective sports and learn from their strengths as well.  Beyond Rhadi’s technical expertise and professional prowess, his leadership ability to identify our priorities under any circumstance, and motivate me to excel has been priceless.  He has continually challenged me both as an athlete and individual, and I attribute a large part of my growth and maturity to Rhadi’s coaching and guidance.

If you asked me to valuate Rhadi’s coaching and mentorship the total would be astronomical.  What I have learned and the improvements I have made cannot be measured monetarily.  As we walk the road to my second Olympic berth, I am always thankful that he is willing to keep me in his Inner Circle.

Taraje Williams-Murray
'05 & '07 World Teams
2007 Pan Am Games Team
4-Time Reigning National Champion
2004 Olympian

Coach Ferguson saved me. I was 164 pounds and I needed to be 152.8 pounds for the National Weightlifting Championships, which was only 5 weeks away! I was panicking to say the least. A few weeks prior I had competed in the 75 kg weight class and won, but I needed to try and make the Olympic Team Trials in the 69kg body weight class. I said, “Ferg, I need to lose 11. 2 pounds in five weeks but I can’t do any cardio, and I can’t lose any strength. HELP!”

Well, he reassured me it was possible but I had to stick to the nutritional program he was going to provide me with. I promised to do that (even though I ended up cheating 2, ok maybe 3 times) and it worked! I dropped 11.2 in 5 weeks without losing strength and without doing any cardio. It was, by far, the best weight cut I have ever been through. I ate all-day long, so much so, that I found myself not wanting to have to eat everything on the diet. I remember telling Coach Ferguson that and he insisted I take in all the small meals, even if I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t even need to sauna the day of weigh-ins! I have always had to sauna when I drop down to the 69kg weight class from the 75kg weight class, but not this time. Staying out of the sauna helped to provide a confidence booster, since I knew my top competitors were sweating it out in the hot box trying to make weight. Meanwhile, I was relaxing in my hotel room, waiting for weigh-insJ  All the more time to focus and prepare my mind for competition, while other people worried about making weight.

As a 2000 Olympian, 2004 Olympic Team Alternate, 8-Time National Champion, American Record Holder and 5-Time World Team Member, I have worked with my fair share of coaches, and Rhadi Ferguson is an exceptional coach. He is incredibly knowledgeable in the areas of strength training and conditioning, nutrition and just plain how to coach and talk to an athlete to bring out the best in them. He helped to prepare me for the National Championships at 30 years old, with an 11.2 pound weight cut and coming off an injury. With his help, I earned my 8th National Championship Title. It was a great feeling of accomplishment and I owe a world of thanks to Coach Ferguson!

Cara Heads


Wanted to give you a quick update. You're workouts you suggested to me have built my personal training client base to over 20 clients at a facility I started at on December 18. From 0 to 22 in under 3 months. I have at least 7 more people coming in this week via referrals to sign up. One of the 4 owners is a doctor who did his residency at Howard University. I told him about you. He looked you up online. I told him how you influenced my career in a big way.

Your workouts also got me to a level where last saturday, I was able to take:

1st place NAGA Advanced 200-224 Heavyweight division
(heelhook 22-year old 218lb kid in under 30 seconds)
1st place in Masters Purple Belt gi
3rd place in Absolute pro

- beat first opponent 2-0 in 8 long minutes. He was 20 years old and weighed 290lbs
-beat second opponent by heelhook in 25 seconds. He was 20 years old and weighed 270lbs
-lost 8-0 to brazilian top team black belt who won whole division, but was only guy he didn't tap out

Your expert advice has made me a much better living as a trainer and has enabled me at age 39 to still fight younger fighters and do pretty well.

I thank you for all of your help and wisdom,

all my best,

~Anthony Argyros


Hope all is well.  It was a pleasure to finally meet the man behind all the products. And Thank You for the clinic on Sunday at Mr. Pedro's place.  Man what a deal did I end up getting.  The man behind the products and also a clinic, and on top of that the World Champion Mr. Pedro.  Two Olympians, World Judo Champion, and a World Class Submission Wrestler!!  Can you say priceless!!!!! (almost lost my breath after saying all of that) By the way thanks for sharing the BJJ.  The armbar move that you showed in class came in handy this morning in my BJJ class.  Used it and ended up with a TAPOUT!!!  Once again Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Pedro it was a pleasure and a honor to be in that Dojo on Sunday.  THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!

Louie Rodriguez


Rhadi / Dr Groves Thanks for taking the time to put together the Chump Repellent package. As soon as I opened the package I read through the first part of the manual and was amazed. The way the information is laid out and presented allows it to 'soak-in' very very quick. After just one read of the manual and 1 listen of all the cds I was extremely motivated. Not only did it increase my motivation It made me very aware of the steps that arise before failure occurs. That is the best thing about this package. You will learn to recognize when you are about to set yourself up for failure. Avoid these mistakes and you will be on your way. Thanks again!

Tom McGuire


Just wanted to say thanks for putting out a great product.

The DVD set really fleshed out, Jimmy's DVD and gave me a lot to work with and on.

To be quite honest, I was getting frustrated with Judo because I wasn't really improving due to no one being able to teach me how "play the game". 

The DVD set enable to do that.  Sure I was throwing people due to being faster, or more experienced - but I did want to graduate to the next level.

Even though there are a lot of well-meaning rec coaches out there who genuinely love judo (sometimes big ego's), it takes people who have "been there, done that" to really teach the nuances of this sport (actually any sport).  Your dvd set really helped in bridging the gap for those who love judo but aren't fortunate enough to live in the same city as a world-class judoka.

Now I can really make use of the Masterclass Ippon books I bought all those years ago:)




Good morning Coach/Dad,

I sent an email a few days ago regarding coming down to meet with you sometime in mid-late March. I'm writing again because you have always replied so swiftly, I thought maybe my email had found it's way to your spam or junk mail. Anyway, hope everything is ok on your end and your son is feeling better.

Look forward to hearing from you!

PS – Our last conversation truly struck a cord that rings of truth and hope inside of me. I want you to know that you have helped me to break through a very big obstacle in my life and I am forever grateful. You were right to say that the answer (to our problems) is never far from our own hearts. Sometimes though it takes another to remind us of this.

Sincere Thanks!!



I'm speechless.  Not only did your workout give me a helluva workout but it saved me time and money.

I live in Washington D.C.  Here we have this dumb "alternate street parking" law.  This law says you can only park on certain sides of the street on certain days.  On December 28th I woke up late for the gym. It takes me

15 minutes there and 15 minutes back.  Because I woke up an hour late, by the time I got back I knew all the parking spaces would be gone by my apartment.  So instead of risking losing my parking space I wast just gonna skip my cardio workout for the day.

Then I remembered that I had to workout.  I was travelling the next couple of days and probably wouldn't be able to workout then.

I had just received the Backyard workout a couple days before and gave it a try.  I popped the DVD in my laptop, moved my desk and laid a towel down on my apartment floor.  The next thing I know, I was sweating like I had done the Step Mill on level 20 for 30 minutes!

Fantastic workout!  Now instead of waking up extra early to go to the gym to do cardio, I sleep a little later.  It's so easy to just roll out of bed, pop in the DVD and get a great workout without all the hassles of going to the gym.

Thanks for making my

life that much easier. 

Ken Stewart


I'd like to thank you for putting together The Grind.It is by far the best set i have ever bought.I really like how you go back and break down the fights and let us into what an elite level athlete is thinking during a real competition.I have seen The Grind about 3 times now and have listened to the audio cd's a few times the cd's are a great addition to the package. Each time i watch i learn something new or see something that i didnt't catch.I was one of the guys who never paid any attention to judo at all.Now i see how far off i was.I se now how you can fuse judo together with bjj.The judo throws and trips that are in the dvd's would be a great addition to anyone looking to expand their arsenal.The throws are amazing and look effortless also they look like they hurt i can see how when applied to mma they would be very hard on whoever you match up with.My favorite is the 25 minute match against Jeff Monson at Abu Dhabi that match is a testament to your training and dedication thanks once again for leting us into the world of a top notch athlete.

jamie point


The Grind and The Experience is Rhadi at his best! Rhadi takes you with him around the world competing in top notch Judo tourneys. Rhadi shows you what it is like to train, travel, and prepare to compete in high level tournaments around the world. This is raw footage at it's best. Whether you are a judo or BJJ player you will get a lot out of watching this dvd. Watch and learn from an expect, his incredible throws, takedowns, slams and finishes in action! Rhadi takes no prisoners! This dvd will motivate you. After watching this dvd you won't just sit there watching other people compete.You will want to get up and out there competing too. You never know what you could until you go out there and give it your all. It is better you have tried have failed then to have never tried at all. If you give it your all then you can never fail. Here is a saying that I live by "Don't die wondering". Great dvd!! Thanks for sharing your private and most memorable footage with us Rhadi. You always put out great products!

Yours truly

Keith Villanueva "Team Renzo Gracie"
3x heavy weight BJJ champion and Mundials competitor
Purple belt in BJJ
Brown belt in Judo
Advanced Shooto student
Boxing and Muay thai instructor
NSCA certified trainer


What can be said of a man like Rhadi Ferguson?

Well, I'll tell you what cannot be said.  You cannot say that he is unwilling to share his vast knowledge with those that request it.  You cannot say that his methods are ineffective.  You cannot say that his approach is not the most professional currently available to the grappling community. I'd like to inform anyone that is currently reading this that I'm an over 40 married father of two sons, Rhadi has assisted me in breathing new life in my training, instructing me in maximizing  the gains from the minimal amount of time I have to train.  He not only provided the product, but he also provided the program.  Then he helped tweak the program to make sure it fit.  Rhadi is second to none when it comes to a true hands on approach to training, not only does he know what he's teaching, he actually demonstrates it. 

When I was coming up in the  late 70's-80's,  there was a saying, " Show and Prove", if you couldn't back up your claims, then you had no creditability, well, guess what?  Rhadi  "Shows and Proves" each and every time, and that's something everyone can appreciate.

 So in closing, I'd like to take this time out to show my appreciation in addition to my continued support for a man that has made a definite and positive impact in my life, thanks Rhadi, for showing and proving  that I can make the seemingly impossible,  possible.

Your's in Judo/Jiujitsu,
Clarence Everett
Judo Shodan/Jiujitsu Faixa Marrom


Rhadi, when I received your first round of e-mails about the Inner Realm I decided right away that I would purchase it to support a friend and someone that I respect. As you know I'm not big on videotapes/DVD as I only own my Jiujitsu instructors tapes and a couple of Judo tapes I have received as gifts. 

I purchased your tape and being inundated with school, running my gym and being a single parent I let it sit for over 3 months without viewing it...boy do I ever regret that sad.gifUpon viewing the Inner Realm I was blown away by the mind numbing amount of practical information that yourself and Ms. Heads were able to give out in such a short format. 

This DVD definitely needs to be at the top of the list for ANYONE that is a competitive athlete. I had my 12 year old so n view it with me...that's how strongly I felt about the information. I'm not some Judo World champion or even an elite level competitor in Judo, but I have competed all over the world in Sambo, Submission Wrestling and Freestyle Wrestling...I know good competition advice...The Inner Realm is definitely a breakthough in sports performance science. 

Jarvis Cherron Kolen
New Breed Judo and Sambo Club


Cara and Rhadi have put together information on the Inner Realm video that is unprecedented and unmatched. They have a Champions mentality and focus that comes from competing and training at the highest level. This video will give you valuable insight on what it takes be the a champion in any activity at any level. They have produce never before seen information on how our most current elite athletes think and train. If you are looking for an edge to take it you the next level, this video is for you.   

Kevin Jackson

Olympic Champion and 2x World Champion
Current National and Olympic Coach

Distinguished Member Of The National Wrestling Hall Of Fame


Hello Rhadi, thanks for taking the time to email me. I just wanted to let you know that I received The Inner Realm yesterday and it is far and away the most inspiring DVD that I've ever seen. I can't wait to get into the gym on Monday and start putting these concepts into practise. I was so pumped that after watching The Inner Realm, I put it on again while I skipped and did some calisthenics! I also to told a whole bunch of my BJJ buddies to so don't be surprised if you get some more orders. Thanks again for this amazing product, I eagerly await more in the future!

Kind Regards 


Dear Rhadi,
I had very high expectations when I ordered "The Inner Realm." I have to tell you, it greatly surpassed anything I could have imagined. I was desperately in need of motiva-
I got that and so much more.
I was sitting there mesmerized as I watched. I can't remember ever being that excited about anything.
Unlike other so called "motivational" programs, this is, indeed, the "real deal."
Every athlete should get "The Inner Realm." It teaches you how to approach your training and your sport.
But, I believe that everyone, not only athletes, should get this dvd. Because, not only does it teach you how to approach sports, but it teaches you how to approach life.
This dvd contains invaluable tools that everyone can use.
Rhadi, I cannot thank you enough. "The Inner Realm" changed my life.

Take care of yourself and may God bless you.

Carlo Berto


The Inner Realm is a place where dreams begin.  Olympians, Cara Head and Rhadi Fergusson give powerful testimonials and no nonsense talk and inspire viewers to be the absolute best.  This video gives commanding evidence of the sacrifice and reward that Olympians and Paralympians MUST go through to become the greatest in their discipline on one given day, at one moment in time.

The raw footage in this video is powerful!  The straight talk by Cara and Rhadi leads the viewer to only one conclusion, that no one is given success; it is earned, each hour, and each minute each second of each day.

John F. Register
2000 Paralympic Silver medalist
Long Jump
American Record Holder Long Jump
1996 Paralympic Swim Team Member

John F. Register
Manager, Paralympic Academy


Absolutely AMAZING is all I can say.  Rhadi has put together a DVD that the very first time I watched it had me considering coming out of retirement.  The INNER REALM is in a class by itself.  It’s the most motivating and inspirational DVD I’ve ever seen.  The INNER REALM should in every athletes DVD collection bar none.  After receiving the DVD I popped it in on a Saturday at my school and the entire school was mesmerized.  The very next day I started to receive emails from my students asking how they could get their hands on The INNER REALM and what they needed to do to take their game to the next level.  I’m talking about some of my Top Guns were so moved by this DVD that they wanted to re-evaluate their personal training philosophies and wanted to know what else could they do to get to the next level.  This is what the INNER REALM will do for you, it will show you exactly what type of commitment and dedication is needed for you to succeed in ANY athletic sport.  It will also make you look deep inside of yourself to make you deal with the harsh reality of what it actually takes to be a Champion, it will also motivate you to take your game to the next level.  The INNER REALM has my highest recommendation, do yourself a favor right now and order The INNER REALM DVD.

Lloyd Irvin
Black Belt in BJJ, Sombo and Judo


The inner Realm is one of the most straight forward, to the point motivational videos yet!

Cara Heads and Rhadi Ferguson, do an unbelievable job at telling you how it is and what you need to do mentally and physically to become the best at your sport. There is no sugar coating, just the straight truth on what it take to become and Olympian and an Olympic champion. If I had been giving the access to a video like the Inner Realm when I was on my climb to becoming one of the best Short track speedskaters in the nation and internationally I know that those bumps in the road would have had a much smaller effect. If you have been looking for the answer to all of your questions as to how and what it takes to be the best Cara and Rhadi will give you all the answers and then some. Having lived with Radi and Cara in the US Olympic training center and having seen the way they prepare and train I know that you are truly getting advice from the best!


Two time Olympian
US Record holder in the 1000m, 500m, and 3000m relay
Eight time World Team Member
Bronze Medalist 1998 World Championships 3000m relay
Two Time US National Champion
Three Time US Junior National Champion

And More


Cara Heads and Rhadi Ferguson both show their incredible athletic ability and how they utilize it in their training in their video The Inner Realm.  I have seen Cara compete for several years and have trained with her at the Olympic Training Center for a year. Throughout the entire time I have known her, Cara’s poise and strength have remained constant and exemplary to all who compete in the sport of weightlifting. 

            The video shows the day that Cara jerked 137.5 kg but it does not capture how amazing it was in person.  She was intent on getting that weight and she did it flawlessly, showing her intensity and determination in a workout.  As she mentions, the technique of jerk that she competes and trains with is different from almost everyone but she is incredible at it and she knew this and refused to sacrifice her integrity in changing to what is more common.  This is just one example of Cara’s confidence and self-knowledge that only comes from being the best. 

            The advice that Cara and Rhadi have to give is valuable to anyone interested in focusing their attention on a sport seriously, which is also shown in the video through the personal experiences they have been through in training and competition.  I know, as a fellow athlete, they have secrets about training to share and reveal them in their video, The Inner Realm.      

Danica Rue


"The Inner Realm is a great resource for athletes and coaches.  It speaks, in plain language, from athlete to athlete, about what it takes to be a champion.  Cara and Rhadi share their personnel experiences with a focused physical and mental training program that will encourage aspiring athletes to dig deeper and "keep the lesson" from all competitions, win or lose. "

Joanne Hallisey
US Speedskating Level II Coach
Bay State Speedskating Coach, Walpole MA


As an elite athlete I have been exposed to a variety of different videos and media designed to trigger the fierce competitor within. Often these videos fail to achieve their goal because they are often from a coach/science mind frame or are simply outdated. The video that Rhadi and Cara put together is very up-to-date on the sports psychology methods that it takes for elite athletes to get to the next level. It is often one thing that triggers something within that makes you as an elite athlete one half of one percent better.

    Whether it is the state championships, the Olympic trials or the Olympic finals that ½ of 1% is the part that changes you from a competitor to a champion. Using the techniques that Cara and Rhadi have outlined in their video, I have gone from an athlete competing at the World Championships to a consistent medalist. It has always been my feeling that athletes are the best medium to pass great ideas to other athletes. Thanks to Cara and Rhadi we now have an exchange of great ideas from one athlete to another. I am now purchasing a copy for the wrestling team at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro because I believe great things should be shared. It is my hope that this video takes your athletic career to the next level.

Tina George
6x national champion
2x world silver medalist
Olympic training center athlete


Rhadi and Cara have put together a fine video describing the mental approaches that are needed by people striving for excellence.  Whether you are an aspiring Olympic athlete, a coach, a student, or a business person, the ideas and concepts that Rhadi and Cara present are applicable to everyone. 

There aren't many videos available by world-class athletes who describe exactly how they approach daily practice, injury recovery, competition, and life.  This video describes a wonderful philosophy that you will enjoy hearing. 

I believe that your life is dictated by the quality of questions you consistently ask yourself.  This is exactly what Rhadi and Cara do.  They challenge you with tough questions, and encourage you to develop your own insightful answers and take action. 

I highly recommend The Inner Realm! 

Todd A. Brehe


The Inner Realm is an amazing video that instantly changed my outlook on training. Training hard is one thing, but training full of intensity with your goals in mind is another.  Seeing the intensity and dedication that both Cara and Rhadi commit to achieving their goals was truly inspirational.  Anyone who wants to elevate his/her game to the next level needs to watch this video and see what separates Cara and Rhadi from the rest in their respective fields. Their speeches, supported by their actions, clearly demonstrate that they know exactly what it takes to be great and lead you on the path to greatness yourself.   I already find myself focused on new goals and excited to train hard.  

PJ ‘Primetime’ O’Sullivan
BJJ Purple Belt under Jean Jacques Machado
2001 GTA Grapplers’ Challenge Superfight Champion
2003 Canadian Jiu Jitsu Champion
2003 Ontario Submission Wrestling Invitational Superfight Champion


After watching “The Inner Realm”, I have never been so excited to get back on the mat and train.  Even after training I would think to myself, “Did I do enough?”  “Did I do what no one else is doing?”  This program has given me not only motivation, but a insight to what I need to do to be a Champion.  I have had the privilege to be able to train with Master Rhadi, but rarely had the chance to sit down and talk about the things that make him a Champion.  Seeing Rhadi keep going when most people would have stopped, made me want to push myself past the limit.  Now since the release of “The Inner Realm,” my mental preparation has made all the difference.  I believe the program when it says that “To be the best, you need to train with the best!”  For your mental game, IT IS absolutely THE best!

Mike Fowler
Pan American Champion
U.S. National Champion
World Grappling Games Champion


The barometer of success is usually medals, titles, championships and ribbons.  As a coach and a Bronze Medallist in the Olympic Games I understand that this is what people usually use as their measuring rod.  The thing that I really liked about The Inner Realm is that it addressed being a winner within, not just about bringing home medals. Sometimes, in the whole Olympic, World Championship and National championship scramble to be first – we forget that the job of the coach is to prepare not only “gold medal”

winners but also “first-rate” people. The Inner Realm addressed this and I found it to be not only an informative video, but also one that I will show to my students. As Rhadi’s coach at the Olympic Training Center, I can tell you that he is without a doubt, one of the most studious, intelligent and toughest athletes that I’ve ever coached.  I really wasn’t surprised when he came up to me and handed me a video to watch and critique that he did along with Cara Heads. Since he’s been under my tutelage he’s been a Ph. D student, a substitute teacher, a lecturer at the local university and an all around professional individual.  The quality of the video is just what I would expect from Rhadi and what I’ve always got from him as an athlete %110!!!   The Inner Realm is an excellent video, a great tool for coaches and athletes and a video which will remain in my coaching library.

Eddie Liddie
Head Coach, U.S. Olympic Training Center Judo Team
1984 Olympic Games – Bronze Medallist
1990 US Senior National Championships: Gold Medallist
1989 National Championships: Gold Medallist
1989 US Olympic Festival: Gold Medallist
1989 US International Championships: Gold Medallist 1990 US Olympic Festival: Gold Medallist Ed Liddie placed in a record 10 consecutive US Olympic Festival since 1978


After viewing The Inner Realm I sat down for a minute and reflected about what I just watched. I tried to place the video in a category in my mind, but there isn t one for it. I thought that it could be a motivational video, but it much more than a motivational video. I thought that it could be an instructional video, but the instructions, advice and guidance issued by Cara and Rhadi go beyond the confines of an instructional video. Without a doubt it is the most entertaining video put out by athletes that I ve ever seen. I didn t want to miss a minute of it.  At first I didn't know how to explain this vdieo I just knew that  I loved watching it.  After I had some time to think I know why I couldn't  categorize this video  it s because it is about a place that I live in but one I ve never hea rd anybody try to explain, analyze, illustrate or convey to someone else. I live in The Inner Realm. I practice in it and I train in it. Rhadi and Cara have just changed the whole athletic world with The Inner Realm I don t know of any video by two Olympic athletes that explains and illustrates what it takes to get to the top!! The live video footage and pictures gives you an inside look of the training practices of Olympic Athletes. 

Cara Heads is phenomenal and Rhadi Ferguson does judo like a wrestler (I was really into that!!)  Rhadi brings and attitude and disposition to his sport that is what is needed to be a champion. Cara has a cool and calm demeanor  until it is time to lift and then she turns into a fierce competitor that can do things that are unreal.

The Inner Realm is a mind-blowing, amazing and inspiring video. As I write  I m thinking about watching one more time. As a matter of fact, that s what I ll do.  If there is one DVD that will definitely be in my DVD case when I travel to tournaments  it is THE INNER REALM!!

Dremiel Byers
2002 World Champion
Greco-Roman Wrestling


I met Mr. Rhadi Ferguson in the summer of 1995 on the campus of Howard University in Washington DC.  At the time, I was observing Mr. Ferguson interacting with a group of young adults who were participating in an Upper bound program for high school juniors and seniors.  I observed Mr. Ferguson interacting meticulously with them in groups of tens as well as individually.  I observed Mr. Ferguson, motivate, guide and instruct student who appeared to be unmanageable for others with strength and yet gentleness in his voice.  He orchestrated the gathering of the students in a timely manner like instruments in a Mozart’s composition.  As an educator, I approached Mr. Ferguson to discuss his particular style of pedagogy and his formal training with various ages of youth. He smiled that million-dollar smile and looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Sir, I am just a junior at Howard University and will not graduate for another two years”. He later stated that the pedagogy that I was speaking of was a direct reflection of his participation in three collegiate sports of which included: track, football and wrestling.  He then informed me that after finishing his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineer, he did plan to attend graduate school to pursue a degree in Education and supervision.  I was astonished to say the least at his ability to plan so in depth and to act on his dreams as a future educator.

Later in conversation, I learned that besides being a three-sport letterman at Howard University, Mr. Ferguson was also a Scholar who dedicated more time to his books then he dedicated to his sports. In addition to his athletics and academics, I had the chance to know Rhadi as an intelligent, hardworking, articulate, and God-fearing man, who is willing and able to assist his fellow brother in any and all endeavors.

As I almost approach my tenth year of knowing Rhadi Ferguson, I am still astonished at his ability to walk with kings and not lose the common touch.  Scholar, Educator, Olympic athlete, Mr. Rhadi Ferguson is a Gold medallist among the dedicated masses.

When he sent me a copy of his video to review I must say I was pleased to know that the excellence that he illustrated 10 years ago shone through in the video. I was equally impressed with Cara Heads, also an Olympian and a dedicated athlete. The contrasting styles in their delivery of information make for an interesting video and the video clips are exciting.  The video in and of itself is an AWESOME piece of work. It is something that I will definitely show to my students so they can see the fruits of hard work and stick-to-itiveness.  The Inner Realm is a place where very few reach and even fewer see. Rhadi and Cara have not only provided an opportunity to “us” to see inside of The Inner Realm, but they also provide a map for “us” to get there.  This video was a heartwarming experience and a great kick in the seat of the pants to let me know that excellence can be achieve – you just have to want to achieve it.  Rhadi and Cara showed what that “want” implies, requires and demands.



All I can say is wow!!!!! I've put to use what you have said in your seminars and products and I feel ready and more prepared then ever. I can't thank you enough for the mental clarity that your words have brought!

Nick Cascaddan

Rhadi, I just wanted to shoot you a quick email and thank you for all I've learned from your DVD.  I've done martial arts and body weight exercises for over 12 years and frankly, I sometimes get bored with the same old stuff that I know.  I've done the whole 1 arm/1 leg thing, worked with ropes, done plyos, exercise balls, and wobble balls, but I STILL like switching things up.  Your DVD did just that.

The exercises were unique enough that my muscles were challenged and were sore
the next day after trying the sequences.

I especially like the portability of the exercises.  I travel a ton and have successfully used the exercises in hotels from coast to coast in the last month.  It's great having a quick workout that doesn't require equipment or much room that actually challenges my body.

Finally, I was impressed with the simplicity of the workout.  I'm almost ashamed to say it, but I've only watched the DVD twice...even though I've done the workout more than 2 dozen times.  Everything fits together, makes sense, and is easy to remember.

Thanks for a great product!

Mike Morris
Salt Lake City, UT


Hey Rhadi, hope you and the family are well brother, Just dropping you a line to say finished the DVD’s and loved them, I felt the commentary at the end answered all the questions I had and helped me understand the Judo game and your thought process significantly!!

Bro the Grind is only worth getting if you are prepared to be “open minded” and a student of learning!! I’ve been doing BJJ for 7months now and people always ask me that I must of done “something” before when rolling with them. My reply is always NO because it’s true! However they don’t know that I have excelled my learning from your product the Grind and being a conscious learner!!

Thanks Rhadi the grind is awesome!

I’m entering the Australian BJJ Nationals white belt division (I live in New Zealand) in September of this year which I’m really looking forward too, my goal is not to “try” and win in it’s true sense but to ‘test’ myself again in the sporting world. If I lose because of technique (most of the participants I’m assuming will be coming up blue belt) that’s okay I can live with that as I’ve heard you say I have a whole day seminar to watch and learn from others that are better then me!

But as I tell people I will NOT lose because of strength and conditioning, Period!!

Anyway bro, love you and Dave’s tips from the grappling university they are answering some of my beliefs and thoughts that I continually have through learning with not a lot of answers about grappling! 

I do have 1 question for you though, do you believe that anyone who is “really good” (your own perception of really good) at BJJ has to be ‘intelligent’ or “open minded” in order to be really good?

The more I practice the more I see people just “don’t get it” i.e. they are worried about the ‘submission’ rather then the set up or they use muscle to dominate rather then position or technique.

I’ve asked one of the instructors who has self proclaimed “lazy” BJJ and his thoughts where most people “won’t” get it and that will inhibit their ability to progress to the deeper levels!


Enhancing Human Performance Ltd

Spida Hunter

Performance Trainer/NZ Fitness Expert


As a BJJ player I’m always looking to improve my throws and takedowns.   I have many quality books and DVD’s on technique that break down individual moves but I’ve never seen a product like “The Grind.”  It’s like sitting with Rhadi in his living room and having him do a play by play analysis of his toughest Judo matches.  Rhadi talks you though his game plan and strategy as it’s unfolding in actual matches.   I was amazed to see how his strategy evolves as the match progresses or how Rhadi changes his attack plan depending on his opponents’ size, strengths and weaknesses.   After internalizing the lessons in “The Grind” I have the confidence to go for my throws and takedowns 100%.   I find that my opponents react defensively to my stand up game instead of the other way around.  I’d like to thank Rhadi for providing me with such a unique and effective product. 

Jeff Kudo

BJJ Player


Just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for putting out such a good workout DVD. 

I find it really easy to use. I like how you "cut str8 to the chase" and get on with the workout right away.  Morevoer, I think its a superb idea to have your wife on there doing the low impact/low intensity versions of the protocols.  I think she adds "realism" for the common user because some people may find it hard to relate from an "olympic athletes" perspective. 

Because its so easy and fast its allowed me time to complete 2 a days in my basement and has really helped me cut some weight. 

Thanks again!!


Hey Rhadi, I want to thank you for your training and exercise DVD's. I was a lemon in every sport when I was a kid but I found Judo at the age of 40. Your DVD's provide the intellectual horizon that I need to help me become a student of the game. I have a 13 year old son that just started Judo. The way I encourage and try to instill positive thinking in him and myself, we listen to your audio CDs and watch your DVDs. I thank you for the material that help me guide myself and my son. Thanks Bro. One man can sharpen another just like steel sharpens steel.

Keith Burton


It was good chatting the other night. You are one of the few 'good guys' around. You said you could use a testimonial for your body weight training series, so here you go:

It just doesn't get any better than this. You won't find better training guidance anywhere. I've worked out with Rhadi and coached him in international competition. You won't find anyone that knows more about getting an athlete into shape. These are practical proven workouts that will fire up your metabolism and get you into better shape than you ever achieve at some 'chrome barbell' gym.

Athletes - are you tired of pushing iron? Do you have overuse injuries? Are your joints sore from working with high loads? These workouts will put the bounce back in your step and the hungry gleam in your eye. You won't hurt and move like an eighty year old all the time. You can maintain and increase your strength and power. You can manage your weight while your body not only heals from the years of abuse but becomes stronger than ever.

You don't need to be an athlete to benefit from "Working out with Rhadi" either. Rhadi has designed these workouts to let anyone, in any shape start working on getting healthier. You can ease into the program in the privacy of your home. Think of it, an Olympic athlete helping you get fit in your living room - no driving to the gym, no finding a sitter, just take twenty minutes and watch the results. You will feel great and make better progress than ever before. Ever look at a flight of stairs as an obstacle? Before you know it you will be the one waiting at the top of the stairs while your friends catch their breath.

I use these workouts myself. After 40 years of competition judo, my body is a train wreck I have bad knees, sore shoulders, and a messed up neck. I was so tired of trying get in shape and having to work around the soreness and old injuries. I felt like an arthritic old man all the time. With these body weight workouts, I feel younger than my calendar age in the first time in years. It really doesn't get any better than this.

Stan Wentz


Being a beginner in the world of grappling, finding introductory videos is easy.. they are everywhere! Finding great instructors and great information is rare. The Grind however stands apart from the amatures. I was able to use and apply all the information that you give. Everything from the setups to the mental aspects of the fight... I am now able to take my Jiujitsu game to a completely different level. The information you provide has changed my approach to jiujitsu, and has made my moves more effective than ever; my submissions are better then ever! Thanks Rhadi for helping to improve my grappling game.

Clark Masterson


I'd like to thank you for putting out such a great product with you grind DVD series. I have tons of instructional DVD's and videos I have picked up over the years but this is by far the best one. I have never seen anyone break the fights down the way you do in that series. It really gives a true inside look at what's really going through your mind in those match's the detail is great. My favorite one is when you go against Jeff Monson at the a.d.c.c. its great to hear what someone would think about going against someone his caliber. I have changed my mind about judo forever those throws are for real once again thanks for putting out such a complete video series…….

Jamie Point


The ideal situation to get set up with my program would have been to visit the Rhadi Ferguson in FL – time constraints, however, didn’t allow for this. I contacted their program coordinator’s office, and was given several options to help facilitate my needs; one of which was to set up an appointment for a phone consultation. Prior to the set date, I would fire off a summary of my current conditioning program via E-mail, along with the details of the competition I was training for and any questions/areas of focus that needed to be addressed.

Two days later, I was on the phone with them going over EVERY detail of what was needed to be done in preparation for the competition. It was obvious that this was their area of expertise, as it showed in the assessment/prescription approach taken. Details such as periodization protocols for strength, power, endurance, and anaerobic/metabolic conditioning, as well as pre-competition tapering where among some of the issues addressed. Once completed, I had a detailed task list of conditioning requirements and guidelines that needed to be covered in the upcoming period prior to the competition. Combining the newly designed conditioning program with my existing nutritional program, created a supercharged winning formula for success. As I experienced first hand in the Teams - nutrition is the other side of the human performance coin. Repeated and regular exposure to extreme physical situations, created a real-world environment for me to apply the educational knowledge and develop expertise in diet protocols. What works on paper doesn’t necessarily apply in reality - proper planning pays off.

Dealing with experts in the field provided me a task list w/target objectives to focus on. By outsourcing my conditioning protocols to the experts, it allowed me to concentrate my efforts on the techniques, tactics, and nutritional protocols that I was going to implement. Within two weeks of initiating the plan, I was able to noticeably increase my workload output during training sessions on the mat, as well as during conditioning sessions in the gym. I had gas to spare after extensively long training sessions on the mat. Each and every workout yielded a measurable marker of improved athletic capability. Of note, an apparent decrease in levels of exertion, a marked decrease in recovery periods, and a noticeable performance increase in muscular strength and metabolic endurance on the mat. This translated into giving me the confidence and proper mindset of a winning attitude. No matter what, I knew I was stepping into this competition with the biggest gas tanks on the mat.

I went to the World Championships and executed the plan as it was written down. From the time I walked out onto the mat for the first time, to the last moment before I submitted the final opponent for the gold, I was able to impose my game without fear or dought of my physical conditioning capabilities. The fight for first place lasted 24min., of which, I was tapping 20% of my output capacity - it’s a great feeling to see fatigue in the eyes of your opponent.

Rhadi Ferguson is a premier strength and conditioning coach for those intent on taking their abilities to their maximum potential. His capacity to design a conditioning program with specificity and functionality, leaves no second-guessing and no hit or miss approach to contend with. Strategically applied science in its best form.

As a new World Champion that is part of the Intocombat family of athletes, I’d like to say thank you to Rhadi for his dedication to the combat arts, and for providing state-of-the-art strength and conditioning resources/consulting services. I am looking forward to our next mission planning session.

Best regards,

Marco Gonzalez

BJJ World Champion


As a weight cutting athlete, water maintenance and the correct method of cutting weight is always tough to keep.  Six weeks before the World Championships in 2005, I was plagued with extreme full body cramping attacks and weight maintenance problems.  I thought I was in shape, but I couldn’t figure out what the cause of these painfully crippling episodes, meanwhile they were ruining my training. My first trip down to Florida to meet Rhadi was an eye opening experience.  They gave me the tools along with the support to curb my cramping completely, and built my training program to bring my body to levels I didn’t know I could take it.  It took some convincing, but after only six weeks of working with Rhadi Ferguson, I was in the best shape of my life for the World Championships.  I had the best cut down to 60kg I had ever had, along with the quickest recovery.  I ended up finishing in ninth place going two and two, but with my performance came hope and potential for the future.  The scary part is, I constantly see improvements in my strength and conditioning. By 2008, with Intocombat on my team, an Olympic medal will be within my grasp.

Taraje Williams-Murray
2005 World Team Member
2004 Olympian
3 Time Reigning National Champion


If I had to choose one word to describe Rhadi it would be excellence. I have known Rhadi for about 5 years now and I admire his approach of always striving for absolute excellence. Whether he is teaching, training, or competing, Rhadi always works with the intention of doing his best. He is a very genuine human being who wants not only the best for himself but also for his students, friends, and family. This has always been a priority of his. Furthermore, he creates an outstanding atmosphere for learning which can be attributed to his exceptional character and positive attitude.

bjj 31 years Brazilian bjj Champion,
Panamerican bjj champion,
International bjj champion,
many times grapplers Quest champion and Naga champion


There was absolutely NO beating around the bush when it came to relaying the ass kicking information. There was no hiding anything from us, you guys were all about going for broke and showing us how it's done. Too many coaches try to impress others and themselves with talking science. I wanted to hear about results and how you guys get them, plain and simple! This is what I wanted and you guys delivered big time.

With out hesitation I can say that any serious Coach or Martial Artist must attend one of your seminars! The surrounding of other motivated coaches and fighters made the seminar even better, there was even a fighter who came from Japan to take his game to the next level!

Once again, thank you for giving me more deadly weapons to improve the performance of my athletes. I will be in attendance again next time you guys are in town, no doubt about it!

Kick ass til' the next time!

Zach Even - Esh



"Explosive. Upbeat. Powerful. That's how I felt after taking the Training Trainers seminar. Rhadi's combination of different aspects of fitness really work. He catered to both trainers and the martial arts crowd. In a short seminar I learnt new twists to old exercises and circuits which I will incorporate into my future routines.

There is no doubt in my mind that his seminar has turned me into a more dedicated athlete. There is no doubt in my mind that following his advice will make me succeed. There is no doubt in my mind, that the Critical Zone will be my new home soon."

The seminar was absolutely great.

Thanks again Rhadi.
Jose Beitia


I began working with Rhadi Ferguson about 5 months ago.  I first visited them at their gym in Boca Raton 6 weeks prior to the 2005 Judo Nationals/World Team Trials.  I was already in pretty good shape but there was something missing from my program.  I called this the "mising link." Due to the short amount of time we had before my competition, they gave me a ramped or accelerated program.  The next 6 weeks were INTENSE, but they prepared me to decisively defeat the competition and make my 2nd World Team, after a 10 year lay off.

Rhadi is not the guy to go to if you're looking for a cookie cutter program.  Each program is individualized, tailor made and specific to your circumstances.  The fact that I'm a mother of 2 little ones and am 31 years old played into the program that was created for me.    His holistic approach to training the elite athlete is one of the things I love about his approach.  I have also been able to increase my strength, power, and endurance by dropping my work load!     

 Anyone who wants to take their training to the next level should contact these guys.  I have found my "missing link," maybe you could find yours.

I look forward to continued success with you guys throughout my judo career.  QUALITY and ALL POWER!

Valerie Gotay     


  "I have to congratulate Rhadi Ferguson and Dave Camarillo for their magnificent work in "The Experience". When I clicked the link for "The Experience" package, I was taking advantage of the offer: DVD, two sets of audio cds, 1 month of free judo inner circle .  But it turned out better than expected.  I watched the DVD and saw Rhadi and Dave in their matches providing commentary. That was very good in itself.  But what I really liked were the audio compact discs.  It was like having Rhadi and Dave sitting in my car providing great advice, vivid experiences, and unreserved wisdom.  When I got the package, I first wanted to listen to the audio cd "To Gi or Not to Gi." This cd alone is worth the whole price.  Listening to these two champions discussing this controversial debate was mesmerizing. 

It helped me formulate my thoughts on the matter (since I agree with them but didn't know how to express my thoughts very well on that subject) because in the grappling world, this debate is imminent.  The only thing that I regret is that it wasn't longer.  There are many great things about "The Experience" package because it epitomizes the training and competition experiences of two great champions; I learnt what is like to train in Japan, which is something I may never be able to experience.  Everyone should take advantage of "The Experience" DVD package. It will enhance the knowledge of beginners, intermediate or experienced grapplers.  I want to congratulate Rhadi Ferguson and Dave Camarillo for their magnificent work.  Greetings from Puerto Rico.

Juan-Carlos Shannon 


First, I would like to thank everyone who has had a hand in this amazing journey. Mike Darter is a friend and a saint. He has been the silent support and an unbelievable help in this quest to make the Olympic Team. He ran the “Behind the Scenes” back home and was always ready for a workout. Mike’s support was indispensable. All my training partners who continually pushed me to be stronger, faster and better. I could not have done any of this without them. Travis Serna, Scott Blankenship, Bill Patten, Clint and Kyle Dake, David Fukuda, Matt Conrad, Mike Darter, and Rafael Lovato. Aside from the judo and ju jitsu workouts, a few of us would meet at Mustang High School, on Sundays after Church, and do our “Junk Yard Workouts”. We flipped tractor tires, flipped telephone poles, ran stadiums and hit the sledge hammer until we couldn’t grip it anymore. You all pushed me, and I am better for it. I especially loved those workouts, mostly because they were so dang hard, and we pushed each other past what we thought we could do. That environment was one where champions are forged.

Rhadi Ferguson is an amazing coach, strategist, and tactician. I spent the last month training exclusively with Rhadi. I first met Rhadi in 2002 at the US Nationals in Cleveland. I had a poor showing, and placed 5th. During that competition, I injured my back. I had a herniated disk in my lumbar spine. I quit judo. At least I thought I quit judo. I had some epidurals, and came back to the sport that I had fallen in love with two years later. I returned, and had quite a bit of success from 2004 to 2007. I won the World Police and Fire Games in Judo and Wrestling. I got to represent the USA in the Pan Am Cup in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Through that time, I battled with injuries and time conflicts. By this time, I was a father of three, and a full time police officer. Again, I had to take time off from judo for a back injury. Through all of this, I was a good “fighter”, but I wasn’t a good judo player. I relied on my wrestling too much, and missed some of the finer details of judo. This kept me in the middle of the pack. I maintained a national ranking, but I was always just a little shy of being the top competitor. In 2008 at the New York Open, I once again had the opportunity to meet with Rhadi. He gave me some sound advice, and helped me to realize my potential as an Olympic contender. I went to the US Nationals in the 100 kg weight class at the advice of Rhadi. I had not competed in this weight all year. I had to place in the top three in the US, or there was no chance for me to make the Olympic Trials. I lost my first match. Thrown for a full point. It was a long row to hoe. Rhadi was there. Again he offered encouragement and advice. He apparently saw something in me that the rest of the judo community did not. After all, we were both former college wrestlers. He was able to use his wrestling skill, and took it all the way to the Olympics. I battled back through the loser’s bracket, and made it to the bronze medal match. Rhadi helped me prepare for my final match. He stripped off his collared shirt and borrowed a judo gi. We fought grips, and had a light randori. I was impressed that this guy, this Olympian, whom I had only briefly met on two prior occasions, cared enough about me, and my hopes and dreams to offer himself up as a workout partner. He provided me with a very brief game plan. It paid off. I won the match by Ippon. I was in the Olympic Trials.

While we were warming up, for the bronze medal match, I couldn’t help but notice that Rhadi utterly owned me. He got his grip, and pretty much could do what ever he wanted. I was fighting with two hands tied behind my back. At least, that is what it felt like. I knew that I needed a lot of help in the coming months if I was going to have any chance at all at the Trials. Rhadi told me that I needed to come and train with him. I knew he was right.

I took time off of work, and went to train with the “Judo Crusader”. I hoped that under his guidance, I would be able to unlock my wrestling skill. In my mind, I was always the best athlete on the judo mat, I just lacked experience. My time with Rhadi was a crash course in experience. I had miraculously timed my visit with Rhadi while the Pan Am’s were going on in Miami. The first night in Florida, I got to train with the Cuban National Team, and the two time Olympian from Argentina at 100 kg. It was eye opening. The Argentinean told Rhadi, that I was very strong, but from my wrist to my finger tips… “Muerto”. This means “dead” in Spanish. This confirmed what I already knew. My grips sucked. That is all Rhadi and I worked on. Grips, Grips, Grips… He also began to implement a system of gripping. Again this was foreign to me. Though I competed at the highest level in wrestling, I did not have a “system”. This system began to take a lot of anxiety away. It also opened up my wrestling to be used in Judo. This was huge. I felt like a brand new fighter. I was. I could now do the stuff that brought me success in wrestling, in judo. This was too easy. Does it really work this well? I was a little skeptical. Again, by God’s intervention and providence, I was able to compete in the Pan Am Team Tournament. It worked. I was able to throw Leo Leite, a two time Pan Am Champ for Ippon. I also threw the 100 kg player from Dominican Republic for Ippon. Alright, now I know that I am in contention for the Olympic Team.

I went home and continued to train. As soon as I could, I returned to Boca Raton, Rhadi’s home. Again, I had to take time off of work and leave my family. I am so blessed that I have the support of my wife and children. I knew it hurt them to see me leave again. It hurt me just as much. There is nothing on this earth more important to me than my family. I could not have done any of this without their support. I missed my oldest son, Cameron’s first indoor soccer game. He is becoming quite a soccer stud. Cameron also had a solo to sing in our church’s spring musical performance. He is usually very shy. I know that this was a huge deal for him. I hated being away. I tried to talk to my wife and kids every night. My daughter told me how much she missed me, and would ask “when are you coming home”? All I could say was “soon”. While at Rhadi’s, we usually worked into the morning hours. The first night I returned to Boca, I did Uchi Komi’s until after 2:00 am. Rhadi had the coach from Puerto Rico, Angelo Ruiz, come and help train me. I won’t forget what he said, “If you want to be a champion, you don’t have time to sleep”. I knew I had a great deal to get accomplished in a very short time. He was right. We made the most of all the time we had. If we weren’t in the gym, we were watching film on the guys I might fight. If I wasn’t watching that, I was watching the previous Olympic, and World films. It helped. The “step over” counter to Volmer’s Uchi Mata, that I did in my first match at the Trials, was one that I picked up while watching videos, and eating eggs and grits in Rhadi’s living room. This was a trial by fire. I had no time to waste. I had to learn things quickly. I did.

Rhadi had me do scouting reports and S.W.O.T analysis. SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We stayed up so late one night, scouting Volmer, that Rhadi would fall asleep in mid sentence, and then wake up to finish the sentence. We had our game plan. All the work had been done. I was ready for the Trials. I was never nervous, just anxious to do it, and see it through to the end. My conditioning was great. Rhadi is an outstanding strength and conditioning coach. I have never felt more prepared. I think that is why I had such a low level of anxiety. I knew that the only thing between me and the Olympics was 25 to 30 minutes. Five or six, five minute matches. I had done a ton of mental preparation. I had convinced myself that I had nothing to lose. I was enjoying the journey. Some say it is about what happens in the end that matters, I say it is about what happens on the way there, that matters. I loved the journey. I loved who I was on this journey with. I had put a lot of trust and faith into Rhadi, and likewise, he put a lot of trust and faith in me. I had begun this quest with one goal in mind, that through all of this, God will be glorified somehow. Rhadi is a Christian, and so am I. We both had faith that this was to be bigger that either one of us. I don’t believe in accidents, and I don’t believe in coincidence. I still feel that there is a blessing in this. I know that through my journey, and struggles God will be glorified. James 1:2-4 says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything”. I had hoped not to learn any life lessons at the Trials, but I know that this test of faith has to strengthen me in the long run.

06/13/08 10:00 am

I was bout number twelve. This was my very first Olympic Trials, but it felt like home. It was awesome to have the wrestling in the same venue. It brought me back to a time and place when I was unstoppable. Some of you know my story, others do not. At Michigan State, I went from an unrecruited walk-on, to a two time All-American, and Big Ten Champion in wrestling. I felt that way again. I felt that this is my time, this is my opportunity to make history. I did… Almost.

I was the eight seed. The lowest seed in the trials. I had the number one seed in the first round. I knew that it was a miss match, for him. I was ready for war. I was not the normal number eight seed who goes out there, and is just happy to be at the Olympic Trials. I had sacrificed, I had bled, and I had cried real tears. I felt entitled. Nobody knew the hours that I had put in, nobody knew the sacrifice of time I had made, nobody knew the psychological, and emotional investments I had made. Nobody but a select few. Those that had been beside me from the beginning. I felt I owed it to them. They sacrificed too. Many times, more than I knew.

As I was back stage, in the little stand-by area, I was brought to tears. I held them back, for the most part, but all of a sudden, it hit me, the enormity of this quest. The payment for sacrifice was that feeling I had back stage. I felt a huge rush of emotion. It was pretty much, all good, but I guess when the body is overloaded with emotion, it just cries. I felt powerful. I felt overwhelmed, but in a good way, I felt that this was a defining moment. It was.

I rode that wave all the way through the Trials Tournament. Through out the day, I had beaten a former Olympian, a two time World Team Member, and another former World Team Member. I was none of those things. I am just a cop from Oklahoma, who loves to compete. I did feel unstoppable. I went undefeated through the Trials Tournament. After I won my finals match, I didn’t have much time to recover before I had to fight Volmer, the number one seed, again. Since he was the number one ranked player, Volmer got the opportunity to fight me best of three matches. I guess I had gotten a little drained from fighting all those matches, while Volmer got to relax and plan his strategy against me.

The first match in the best of three went to Volmer. I have to give him credit, he came out with a new game plan, and it threw me off. He beat me by a penalty point. He never threw me for a score. The next match I threw him in overtime for the win. It was now tied one match to one. The next match would decide the Olympian. We were scoreless during regulation time, and went into overtime. I don’t remember how much time had passed, but I recall attacking him a lot, and him not attacking at all. Finally he stepped in for an attack. It was weak. He never threatened to throw me in any of the four matches we fought. I countered. As he tried to take me forward, I stepped around, and changed the direction of the throw, taking him backward. It was a throw that I was very comfortable with. I had used it many times in the past. In fact, it was just a natural reaction. I don’t even remember thinking about countering him, I just went for it. We both landed on our sides. I was a little more on my back, that him, but that is the nature of this throw. It was my throw however. Like a sacrifice throw, such as tomoe nage, the back of the thrower hits the mat, but since he initiated the move is scored against the throwee. Volmer even landed first. I have still photos of this… My score, I make the Olympic Team, end of story. Not so fast. The referees on the mat cannot decide who to award the throw to. They confer, and watch a replay. They award it to Volmer. Dreams smashed. At this point, I am ill. I know who threw, the crowd seems to know who threw. I am sure Volmer knows who threw. We try to have the referees review the tape. All the photographers, offer up their still photos as evidence. The digital cameras, with their little screens in back, show frame by frame in a convincing manner that I was the thrower, and Volmer was the throwee. All of this for naught. There is a rule in place that says, once the referees leave the mat, the decision is final. Funny though, how do you keep a ref on the mat to field your protest. You don’t. You can’t. That is just the way it is.

I had been implored to take my case to arbitration, and fight the ruling on the mat. Can’t be done. There is another rule that says that a “field of play” call can not be overturned in arbitration regardless of how bad a call is. That is the nature of the game. There are gonna be some bad calls. You just gotta live with that sad reality. Especially sad for me, since it affects my status as an Olympian. In order to get a case overturned, I need to show some sort of fraud. I don’t think there was anything sinister at work, I just think they made a bad call. A court case could cost anywhere from 25-50 thousand dollars. Ouch. My family has already sacrificed so much for me to chase this crazy dream. I wouldn’t dare place an huge financial burden on them as well.

As of right now, I am the Olympic Alternate. Should anything happen to Volmer, I would be able to step in and fill that spot. It has always been my dream to be an Olympian. Through all of this, I still love Judo. I am as patriotic as it gets, and I would love to represent this country in what ever way I can. My family has said “I don’t care what the referees said, you are my Olympian”. For whoever reads this, I hope you will think of me as “your Olympian” as well.


Brian Picklo

2008 Olympian (well almost)


Dear Rhadi,

I am writing you today about your Ugly Judo 101: Morote Gari. Morote Gari has always been a technique that I have had trouble with. Everyone said it was a wrestling move and not being a wrestler, I couldn’t do the “tackle” right. I always performed Morote Gari incorrectly or at least not well enough to make it one of my favs. Judokas reading this will understand when I say my Morote Garis didn’t feel right.

To the rest, when you perform a technique correctly (I hesitate to say perfectly) you can feel it. Conversely, you can feel it when you do not perform it correctly. I have purchased other Judo training materials from Rhadi and have seen footage of him doing Morote Gari in tournaments and winning with it. I saw this and decided that it is a technique that I should incorporate into my arsenal as I am no string bean and could easily pull it off against my opponents. Or so I thought.

I tried to incorporate Morote Gari into my training schedule with Uchi Komis and Randori. It still didn’t feel right. I was taking my opponents off their feet and slamming them down, but it still didn’t feel right. I had decided to abandon Morote Gari as a technique and stay with my tried and true techniques that I can do effortlessly and get an Ippon with. Then I heard about Ugly Judo, and Ugly Judo 101 is going to be Morote Gari. Naturally I was interested. I read the e-mails, watched video clips and when Rhadi offered it to me for a buck, I was sold. I ordered Morote Gari.

I was excited when they arrived, I dove into the DVDs and it became apparent why my Morote Gari didn’t feel right. My timing was off and the distance between my opponent and me wasn’t right. I wasn’t generating enough power and it all showed. Since buying the set my eyes are open to the mistakes I was making. I am correcting them and it shows in practice. Morote Gari is feeling better, I am picking my spots better and it is working.

Rhadi has once again pulled back the curtain and allowed us access to the good stuff, the hidden stuff; the stuff people like me don’t normally have access to. My Judo club is the Goose Bay Judo Club in central Labrador and we are pretty remote. Our club goes to 1 or 2 provincial competitions a year, a year. So you can imagine we don’t have much “outside” influence on our Judo with not much change in our regimen. Rhadi’s DVDs are great because they allow me to infuse new blood, new life into our club’s training. Most DVDs out there these days are BJJ or MMA, not putting those arts down, but I like the fact that Rhadi’s are Judo oriented. They are a window into techniques and strategies that we wouldn’t otherwise have, making our Judo better and making our Judoka better fighters. Thank you Rhadi.


Frank Russell
Goose Bay Judo Club


I purchased the Ugly Judo 101: Morote Gari DVD as soon as it became available during the pre-release offer. I was excited to receive it and it was well worth your current price. First of all I like systematic teaching that breaks down each aspect of the technique and shows not just the overall idea or technique, but also the small details. This is what you and Taraje have done with this DVD and that's what I'm used to in BJJ. The details are so important. I really liked how you guys showed the traditional version and then your version and Taraje's version, which are slightly different based on body type and fighting style. This helps everyone to make the necessary adaptations to this technique so that anyone can utilize it. You mentioned during the pre-release phase to use this technique at a local/regional tournament and we did! One young student who trained with us for only 1 month successfully applied this techinque at a top level tournament and went on to get the gold. Some other students got the takedown and/or increased the pressure and fear factor on their opponents. We always bring home medals, but it was great to see the result of this specific DVD and technique, which I had recently purchased. Lastly, it has also helped our students defend the Morote Gari more effectively. When you know the offensive options and how to apply them, it helps you to better defend them as well. I highly recommend this DVD and will also note that this technique has a very high percentage rate of use in most grappling tournaments and of course in MMA. If others don't study what works and how to defend it, that's their choice, but we are always looking at what will make us better martial artists. Thanks for releasing this DVD and I look forward to Ugly Judo 102!

Phil Whitelock
Owner/Head Instructor
Complete Jiu Jitsu LLC
Stevensville and Centreville, MD


The Morote Gari DVD really opened up my eyes to the world of no handed and single handed Judo. As being a Judoka in California nearly everyone relies on the traditional techniques of Judo; by using the Morote Gari I am now able to take brown and black belts down by surprise and wow people with the take downs and spectacular pick up techniques.

Some people criticized my new found success but I say how can you leave a valuable tool such as Dr. Ferguson's Morote Gari DVD out of your tool box?

It will defiantly change they way you look at not only Judo, but all forms of grappling.

If you want to take your Judo to the next level than PLEASE; do not pass this DVD up!!!!!!

Jauregui, Joaquin M SPC RES USAR USARC


At this point, I've only watched the DVD once.  I'm trying to find the time to sit down, watch it a second time and take some notes.

That said, I liked the DVD.  I think it's a good solid product.  There was some quality information in there that I think will really help me improve my judo and training.  I was also really impressed at the depth of the strategy introduced in the DVD, which got me thinking more about the complexities of competition specifically.  

In short, I'm really looking forward to implementing the techniques, strategies, and training methods in this DVD.  And I plan on buying Ugly Judo 102 on kata guruma.

Matt O'Donnell


Ugly Judo 101: Morote Gari is Rhadi and Taraje's first big splash into the world of Judo instructional videos, and boy do they make that splash a big one! 

You won't find many special effects or cutting edge new wave crap on this DVD.  What you WILL find is a plethora and a wealth of knowledge straight from the mouthes of two former Olympians in the sport of Judo.  This DVD is a bare bones guide on how to perform Morote Gari in all situations from all grips against any kind of opponent at any time.  Taraje and Rhadi are experts on this throw and hold nothing back in this DVD set which includes 2 DVDs and 2 CD Roms.

I am a Nikyu ranked student in the art of Judo and as a somewhat newer entry in the field of advanced compeition, I have seen better days when it comes to tournament competition.  It just seemed like the other competition, no matter how poorly conditioned or lazy looking, would more often than not come out victorious with me laying on the mat and staring at the ceiling in disbelief.  "Maybe my throws aren't any good anymore" I'd tell myself; "Maybe I just don't have what it takes to compete in the upper levels of Judo competition."  I knew that I needed something that not only gave me a confidence boost but something that I could use as a new weapon in my arsenal during my personal quest to become as successful as I could in the sport of Judo.  Along comes this DVD and I feel like I've been blessed with that very weapon.

I have always been an admirer of Rhadi's ever since his competition days and felt that my style of Judo was very similar to Rhadi's.  I've also felt that he and I have a similar work ethic when it comes to fitness; if you ain't at the gym to work then you might as well have stayed home with the rest of the lazy-asses.  But despite all of our similarities, I always felt that within my Judo game, something was missing.  With this DVD, I have been able to plug that hole and instert Morote Gari into my game and expand it greatly!  The sheer amount of information that Taraje and Rhadi provide within this DVD is enough for anyone, with the willingness to make the effort, to become a better and more well rounded Judo player.  The price at which I bought this DVD is a steal compared to the hours and hours of blood and sweat it took not only to make this DVD, but for Taraje and Rhadi to hone this technique over their compeitive careers.

I'm not a very good Judo player and I really did by this DVD looking for something I could use to bring myself up the level of blackbelts who have been playing Judo 3X longer than I have.  It's a very good DVD and I truly appreciate the hard work you and Taraje put into this project.

If you're looking to improve your game and equalize the playing field against any manner of competition, Ugly Judo 101: Morote Gari should be the first DVD on your wish list.  You won't regret it.

Looking forward to your next installment of Ugly Judo.

Kyle Steinhauser


I bought this product for my son Fergus who has been competing in B level international comps.  He fights u100k so it seemed like a good technique for him - particularly as he gets older (being 28).  He took gold in the over 100k in Malta last weekend including taking a 120k player - so he's still sharp enough.  He has yet to use Morote Gari in competition but he has been trying it out in training (and he trains with a lot of UK international players).  He's had some good success in training and his comments to me on the DVD were that this was the best judo training DVD he's ever seen.  He's very excited about the potential it gives him.

Hope this helps.  I did watch the DVD myself and almost felt like getting back on the mat to give it a go :)

All the best


Dear Rhadi,

I just wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed your last couple e mails on the topic of how to become great, how to become good at winning. I love the off beat and "system " like approach you tackle everything with. I consider myself a pretty intellectual person and am very open minded. I own almost all of your products, (Inner Realm is my personal fav) for the last year I have reviewed all your dvd's, e mails, youtube vids, etc. I really study how you speak and try to really think deep about what youre saying. I have improved in my sport (wrestling) more in the last year than ever. Its because I took your information and outlook and applied it to every aspect of my training. I could write a full blown report on what I have learned from you and your products and how ur scientific approach has turned me into a COMPLETELY different athlete  from a year ago. Keep up the good work Rhadi, you have a big impact on me and many others.

James Strout



 I just want to thank you for putting out such a wonderful product, Maximum Dumbbell Training.  My Strength and Conditioning library is large and consists of thousands of DVD's and books, all of which promise better fitness, speed, agility, mind/body, wellness, rehabilitation, self defense, nutrition, etc.  I like to stay well informed and be on the cutting edge of today's fitness programming. 

 I do not condone the cookie cutter approach to fitness.  Rather, I identify more with the Bruce Lee philosophy - "Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless."  But, I must admit, that the multi-level progressive training sequences in Maximum Dumbbell Training are so much fun and never boring.  Rhadi has set up 10 workout circuits with increasing difficulty that kick ass, plain and simple.  The cool thing is, you only use one set of dumbbells, nothing else.  I like it, my clients like it, they get results, and I get paid.  It's that simple. 

Another exclusive benefit is the companion guide that is included with the Maximum Dumbbell Training DVD, it is hands down, the best I've ever seen - informative and professionally laid out.  Thanks Rhadi. 

Anthony Garcia, PT C.S.C.S
The Fitness Pros


"I had the priviledge of competing against Rhadi Ferguson in 2005 and am greatful for that opportunity. When I hear my friends brag about going to fantasy baseball camp and facing Reggie Jackson, I reply with how I battled the best conditioned heavyweight athlete I have ever seen...........but it was AFTER I fought Rhadi where I learned something valuable from him. The value of sport specific conditioning. I bought Rhadi's no-gi grappling circuit, threw in some of my own calisthetics, and became better at age 39 than when I was 30 and just getting into the sport. My conditioning is now a weapon, where it had once been a weak area. I always trained hard, but wasn't aware that I was training incorrectly for combat sports. Rhadi educated me on the proper way to prepare for tournaments and I recently surpassed 60 career 1st place finishes in no-gi competition. I feel better and more fit now at age 39 than I did 10 years ago........................as for Rhadi's DVDs being too expensive, my reply is that I spent $40 for his no-gi circuit, while a grappling tournament entry fee is often $80 or more. To me, $40 to enhance my performance and no longer gas out in competition is a bargain. If Rhadi can change my game at my age, imagine what he can do for you."

~Anthony Argyros
Grappling Competitor

over 60 no-gi championships


"I've seen so many products on so many throws before but none of them get into the detail of 'what you need to know to execute the throw' nearly as well as this. Even if you don't use or want to use Morote Gari you should check this out to see what details you should be looking for in the techniques you do want to use. Truly first class no BS product"

Casey Jones


Dear Rhadi,

Or should I say, Dr. Ferguson.. and congratulations on earning your Ph.D.  Before, I talk about your product, Ugly Judo 101: Morte Gari, I have a challenge for you.  Now do the same thing for the rest of the Go kyo no Waza.  You might want to start with today’s more popular throws such as kata guruma, Sumi gaeshi, uchi mata, and course the ever popular seoi nage.  An in depth look at the judo throwing techniques with their main variations would really help the judo world.  Right now, that knowledge is really locked up in the heads of the various judoka that teach these techniques.  No matter, how many years you put in studying judo, you just can’t know everything.

Now about Ugly Judo 101: Morote Gari.  Whether you use morte gari or not, this DVD set is an excellent addition to any judoka’s library.  The main reason is that Dr. Ferguson and Mr. Williams-Murray not only show the technical aspects of this throws, they also explain the tactics and strategy that are required to use and defeat it.  Most judo texts that I read and other judo DVD’s barely touch on the subjects of tactics and strategy, particularly as they relate to a given technique.  The other important part of this DVD set is good information on such items as positioning and gripping.  I found particularly useful the sections on “no hands” judo and how parrying techniques were used to set up morte gari.  The morte gari  that Dr. Ferguson and Mr. Williams-Murray show and discuss is good judo.  Why?  Because judo principles are applied and at a very high level.  The judo community will be well served by more products such as this one that go into greater details of the various techniques of judo.

Victor Anderson

Elk Grove, CA


Morote Gari is truly a technique that has to be understood and applied not only in Judo, but in all grappling arts that invole beginning on a neutral standing position. The Morote Gari DVD is an excellent way to help not only apply Morote Gari, but it is also a way to be able defend against it.

Raymond Pintor


I never really used Morote Gari much, except for keeping tall guys from trying to cheat up too close, and I always used hiza guruma or a pile driver as a counter. Morote Gari, Ugly Judo, made me see where my counters were going wrong, gave me better ways to stop Morote Gari, and made me understand no hand judo better.  Mentally, it opened up an entirely new world for me.



I enjoyed your DVD and found it very informative. I practice boxing, muay thai and BJJ. I'm a novice at Judo and takedowns in general but did learn quite a bit from your DVD. Thank you.
AL Maulini


Hi There,
I would be more than happy to tell you about my experience with Ugly Judo 101: Morote Gari.  I purchased this DVD for my husband, a retired law enforcement officer, who is currently training several individuals in the area of personal protection. In the last year or two, he has purchased and reviewed hundreds of DVDs in the area of self defense and self protection.  When I asked him how he liked your product... he stated: "Good, no... very good!  Very informative, easy to understand, an excellent choice. Of all the products I have purchased, it rates in the top 5%."

So there you have it, a resounding thumbs up for your DVD.  Hope this is helpful.

All the Best,
Kimberly Rose


This is Luis Soto , my mother Margaret purchased the DVD For me and my daughter. My daughter is 6 years old and has been doing BJJ for 8 months now. We decided to throw her in a couple local judo tournaments around AZ. She got second in both, but in the second tournament she used Morote Gari in the opening seconds and you could of heard a pin drop. People where pissed. I heard comment from the crowd "did she just hit a double leg?" Anyways she then hit an Osoto Gari right after that and ended the match. This definitely works, the girl she did it on beat her twice both matches going the distance in the tournament before. She comes out using Morote Gari and beats the same girl within I'd say 20 seconds. Even if you don’t win with it its like you and Taraje say, it’s still useful because of the "intimidation factor". My daughter loves it and has been using it in BJJ alot. Thank you so much for sharing this information and we look forward to Ugly Judo 102.

Luis Soto


Well, first as one who has bought products in the past from Dr. Rhadi Ferguson I'm almost willing to buy anything he creates on name recognition alone.  I've never been disappointed with anything he has produced. I've always got my monies worth. Now as far as Ugly Judo 101 goes I was not disappointed.  I've only viewed it once and as with all his products you need to keep going back to reap the full benefits. However, I've already learned critical information concerning distance, gripping, same side vs same side vs different side players that I didn’t understand before. Furthermore, the size of opponents is also addressed.  Also, Taraje adds essential contributions to the lessons.  He not only shares his version of techniques but also humbly adds in lessons learned and how to improve the technique in different scenarios.  I like how Rhadi is not afraid to team up with others to produce the best products. There is much to be learned from this material and it is well worth the cost.

Very Respectfully,
Andy Stutts


I recently ordered the Morote Gari DVDs and all I have to say is that it was out of this world awesome! Since watching the videos and putting to practice the techniques and drills taught in them, I've been slamming people both in the dojo and in tournaments with Morote Gari, something that, when I've tried attempting in the past, had worked very few to almost no times! Excellent video series with the best instruction there is! Highly recommended.  -Alan