Welcome To The Home Of Rhadi Ferguson Coaching Program


Hello and welcome to the home of the Rhadi Ferguson Coaching Program

If you are here it is because you believe in the ability and power of quality instruction and education. You truly value and understand the importance of receiving quality information, top-notch instruction, and world class knowledge.

I can tell you right now that there is one thing that I learned when I was competing and training - there is no substitute for knowledge. Having the insight, know-how, and experience to put the theory of judo into practice is priceless!

As a coach I certainly appreciate the principles and tenets of judo. I understand the importance of kuzu-shi, and all the things that off- balancing my opponent has to offer. However I do understand that the principle of kuzushi (off-balancing) does not only apply to the tatami, it also applies in life. And as a judo player, a judo coach, a judo school owner, and a judo parent, the best way that you can off-balance the competition is to create an imbalance of knowledge. Meaning you have to find a way to expose yourself to quality teaching, coaching, and instruction;as well as have the awareness to know that developing diversity in your training is positive.

When I was competing, I did not just train in Japan. I trained in Japan AND all over Europe.


Because the more I exposed myself to different styles, different training methods, different strategies and different philosophies, the better I could become as a judo player and coach. I didn't look at one way as being "the only way".

I looked at "my way" of doing things as always being in flux, always being a work in progress. This is the same way that I would like to ask you to govern yourself. If you have a coach, please don't look at my coaching program as a replacement of your coach; but more as an opportunity to provide you with some quality information in addition to what you are already receiving.

And if you do not have a coach, my educational staff and I will be more than happy to serve in that capacity through this distance learning opportunity. Just because you don't have a judo club in your area does not mean that you should not be able to practice and learn judo. As a matter of fact, I've had several Brazilian Jiu-jitsu schools and Mixed Martial Arts schools ask me for this service so that they could teach judo to their practitioners and patrons.

If you look at the mission and vision statement of my coaching program you will clearly see and realize that my passion for judo extends beyond my competition days. I love judo. And, I live judo.  

But, I am not judo. I am but only a part of judo. I don't look at my competition record and think that my record makes me any better than any other judoka. My competition record doesn't mean that I'm better. It means that I have a responsibility to give back, to educate, to teach and to reach as many people as possible in the process. This is what I am committed to doing. This is why my coaching program is in place, and this is what I will do because it is my responsibility. And, in doing so, I will help elevate the level of all judoka who study my techniques, my methods, and my philosophies.

Please take the time to have a look around the website.

See You On The Mat,

Rhadi Ferguson
World Class Strength Coach
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion
Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt