Resume of Rhadi Bullard Ferguson, PhD, M.A.T., CSCS

Rhadi Bullard Ferguson is an internationally renowned Strength & Conditioning Coach and Consultant and a former member of the 2004 US Judo Olympic Team. Rhadi has always excelled academically and athletically and has added to his Olympian Credential that of the earning of his Masters Degree and Doctorate Degree in the field of Education.

As the owner of Ferguson Marketing Systems in Boca Raton, FL, Rhadi provides clients and subscribers with his leading, state-of-the-art expertise as a Master Marketer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Trainer, Consultant and Motivational Speaker. Moreover, he’s highly dedicated to the goal of sharing his knowledge with the world as a Master Instructor. Rhadi Ferguson is now one of the most sought after Fitness Experts in the world. He often does Strength and Conditioning Consults for top notch athletes, professional and collegiate teams and individuals seeking to get in great shape. Coach Ferguson is also a Master Instructor, in that he not only teaches but coaches individuals to high levels of success in various areas of interest. Under the umbrella of Ferguson Marketing Systems, he has created DVDs, Books and products. Also a motivational speaker, Coach Ferguson through his energetic coaching style has a knack of getting the most out of any athlete, audience or business

Rhadi’s list of professional responsibilities is extensive, and he is an active member and contributor to a host of professional organizations and publications.


OBJECTIVE: To dynamically and dramatically impact the limits of human performance and potential on a cognitive, affective and psychomotor level by employing solutions and strategies that call on the latest-breaking and fact-backed research and developments available. To broaden awareness with a far-reaching educational initiative customized to deliver the greatest possible impact to the highest number of people.

Capella University, Minneapolis, MN
Education – Ph.D. in Education (Professional Studies) March 2009 (4.0 GPA)

Howard University, Washington, DC
Education – M.A.T. May 2002 (4.0 GPA)

Howard University, Washington, DC
Mechanical Engineering; May 1997 (B.S.M.E.)

Richard Montgomery High School, Rockville, MD
National Honor Society; Certificate of Merit


Ferguson Marketing Systems, Boca Raton, FL (Aug 2004-present)

  • Utilize the principles of information marketing, branding, negotiation strategies, psychology of influence, and social networking to build, run, own and operate a successful consulting, teaching, strength and conditioning, fitness, education, speaking, coaching and products business

The Jimmy Pedro Coaching Education Program, Boca Raton, FL (March 2009-present)
Vice Principal

  • Created coaching education program for grassroots and beginning judo players and coaches
  • Designed and implemented a curriculum for the purposes of teaching and learning in the classroom and dojo settings
  • Devised lessons, which apply to current trends in the sport of judo while also embracing the traditional tenets of the art
  • \Utilized distance learning techniques to disseminate and inculcate appropriate level-based educational materials to the end user
  • Developed marketing plan and initiative to grow the student enrollment

Grappling Magazine, Orange, CA (September 2004 - present)
Contributing Editor

  • Selected and chosen to provide cutting edge information concerning strength and fitness techniques to the Mixed Martial Arts industry’s leading magazine

Towson University: Athletic Department, Towson, MD (February 2002 -July 2002)
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Ensured weight room safety
  • Implemented and Designed Periodized Exercise Programs based upon maximal and sub maximal testing results, exercise science, energy system requirements and years of training experience to ensure optimum performance during in-season play and increased athletic performance
  • Provided athletes with nutritional, body fat composition, anaerobic and aerobic assessments in order to attain baseline data to maintain a fair level of accountability on the part of the strength staff, the athlete and the coaching staff
  • Provided athletes with extrinsic motivation and allowed them to develop intrinsic motivation during workouts that transferred to the environment of play
  • Taught Olympic Lifts, Plyometrics and proper lifting technique
  • Illustrated and conveyed proper running mechanics and technique and advantageous biomechanical positioning for sport
  • Organized and scheduled weight room workouts to ensure a pleasant mix of attitudes and athletes in a mission focused environment, which would ensure optimum training conditions
  • Increased flexibility by using dynamic and static stretching to decrease the propensity towards injury, strains, and sprains
  • Provided prehabilitation and rehabilitation strength training protocols for athletes

University of Maryland: Strength & Conditioning Department, College Park, MD (January 2002 - February 2002)
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Taught Proper Olympic Lifting Techniques and supervised athletes during strength training and conditioning
  • Provided motivation to athletes and ensured a safe training environment for the athletes

Professional Athlete (June 1998 - April 2005)

  • United States Olympic Judo Team -  Olympian – XXVIII Olympiad (Athens, Greece)
  • United States Olympic Judo Team - Alternate - XXVII Olympiad (Sydney, Australia)
  • Resident Athlete at the United States Olympic Training Center (from 1999-2000 and 2002-2004)
  • Over 20 years of experience in the sport of Judo
  • Brazilian Jiujitsu World Championships – Silver Medalists (2001 Mundials – Rio de Janiero, Brazil)
  • Participated in the Abu Dhabi 2005 Submission Wrestling World Championships (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Texas Instruments: Materials & Controls Group, Anaheim, CA (Jun 1998-Aug 1999) Technical Sales Engineer

  • Responsible for the development of company market requirements for the telecommunication surge protection products and the clad metal based products
  • Covered the West Coast Region which consisted of Nevada, California, Phoenix, Alaska, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and Mexico
  • Developed business plans and product positioning strategies to capture the existing marketplace
  • Identified, solidified, and developed New Business Opportunities
  • Oversaw market research, monitored competitive activity and identified customer needs
  • Established pricing strategies and negotiated long term purchasing agreements
  • Worked with engineering and manufacturing to develop new products or enhance existing product(s) or product line(s)

Texas Instruments: Materials & Controls Group, Attleboro, MA (Jun 1998-Aug 1999) Technical Sales Program Team

  • Designed, implemented and developed a standardized canon for the new hires designated to follow a career path of technical sales in order to give the employee a smooth transition from the university environment to the workplace and from the workplace into the sales force
  • Assisted in selecting the necessary training and developmental courses for the newly hired Technical Sales Engineers
  • Interviewed, recruited, and screened candidates for Technical Sales positions
  • Instrumental in placing Howard University on the "target schools" list for the selection of Technical Sales Candidates
  • Aided in defining the characteristic imperatives of a technical sales candidate

Texas Instruments: Materials & Controls Group, Attleboro, MA (Aug 1997-Jun 1998) Technical Sales Associate

  • Learned the techniques of negotiation and how to communicate effectively
  • Completed successfully the Technical Sales Program and was deployed into sales force and responsible for the largest sales region in the Materials and Controls Group
  • Completed competitive analysis which is now the crux of the development of a new product


  • Member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA
  • Member of the College Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCA)
  • Member of USA Weightlifting (USAW)
  • Certified Level 1 Weightlifting Coach through USAW
  • Member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated
  • Member of USA Judo Board of Directors (2004-2008)
  • Certified in Program Design by Corrective High-performance Exercise Kinesiology (CHEK)
  • Kinesiologist (CHEK) Certification Program
  • Certified in CPR, First Aid and AED

Awarded the 2007 Sports Science Award of the Year by the US Olympic Committee for “…individuals and coaches who have made significant contributions to their sport by utilizing new and/or innovative sports science methods, equipment or training techniques” in the sport of Judo

Awarded the 2001-2002 United States Judo Federation International Senior Male Athlete of the Year Award

Recipient of USA Judo Coach of the Year Award at Senior Nationals for the year 2006



Working Out With Rhadi (2006)
The Backyard Work Out (2006)
The Total Body Work Out (2007)
Beyond the Rings (2008)
Maximum Dumbbell Training (2007)
Underground Grip Fighting Secrets (with Jimmy Pedro) (2007)
The Secrets of Judo Success (2007)
The Gold Mettle Plan (2006)
The Inner Realm (2004)
The Final Countdown I (2005)
The Final Countdown II (2006)
Circuit Training for Gi Grappling (2005)
Circuit Training for No-Gi Grappling (2005)
Circuit Training for Boxing (2005)
Circuit Training for Mixed Martial Arts (2005)
Circuit Training for Kickboxing (2005)
How Do We Win It? Minute by Minute (2006)
A Day In The Life Of A Champion (2006)

       Audio Programs:

Coaching Success Secrets (2006)
Chump Repellent (2007)
Success in the Personal Training Business (2008)
Grip to Win (with Jimmy Pedro) (2007)


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Taraje Williams-Murray: 2-time Olympian; 4-time National Judo Champion
Anthony Turner: US Open Judo Champion
Lloyd Irvin: 2-time National Judo Champion; World Jujitsu Champion
Karo Parisyan: UFC Fighter; MMA Fighter
Sasha Spencer: 2008 Olympic Trials Qualifier, Track & Field - 800 meters
Lauryn McNary: 2008 Olympic Trials Qualifier, Track & Field - 400 meters
Brian Picklo: NCAA All American - Wrestling, 2008 Olympic Trials Qualifier - Judo
Cara Heads: 2000 Olympian, 8 Time National Weightlifting Champion, 2008 Olympic Trials Qualifier
C.C. Fisher: 2008 Olympic Trials Qualifier, Greco-Roman Wrestling
Thiago Alves: UFC Fighter; MMA Fighter
Brandon Vera: WEC Champion; UFC Fighter; MMA Fighter
Jeff Monson: 2-time Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Champion; FILA Grappling World Champion; UFC Fighter; MMA Fighter
Valerie Gotay: 2-time Olympian; Multiple-time National Judo Champion
Marco Gonzalez: BJJ World Champion


Commencement Speaker for Choice Preparatory School – High School Graduation (May 2009)

Improving Life Skills Through Focus - Pedro’s Judo Center in Wakefield, MA (June 2009)

Junior and Senior Newaza Judo Clinic – Maryland Judo Inc. (June 2009)

Motivational Speech for Graduating Seniors Titusville High School: “Who Are You Following and Who’s Following You?” (May 2009)

Keynote Speaker for 30 Years of Service Retirement party for Officer Mark Beckford of the Miami Dade Police Department, “The Crossroad: Where Purpose Meets Potential” (May 2009)

Motivational Speech for Minority Students at Titusville High School: “Why Won’t You Drink?: You No Longer Have to Drink from the Colored Water Fountain” (February 2009)

Technical and Strength and Conditioning Consultant for The Bahamian Judo Federation (October 2008)

Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Academy motivational speaking seminar on “Core Training: The Keys to Mental Toughness” (September 2008)

Pan American Judo Championships, Miami, FL - provided live commentary and coaching (May 2008)

Saint Paul’s College Guest Speaker for End Of The Year Athletic Banquet (April 2008)

Technical Clinic/Training Camp Event at Pedro’s Judo Center in Wakefield, MA (February 2008)

Club Genentech Judo Seminar Speaker, San Francisco, CA (January 2008)

NCAA Panel Discussion: Business Executives and Sports Industry Professionals in Nashville, TN (January 2008)

Keynote Speaker for Howard University Student Association Outreach Program, “The Crossroad: Where Purpose Meets Potential” (April 2002)